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With the background of enchanting hills of The Province Le Tarn, you'll feel as if you're entering a fairy tale.


Found among vineyards and rivers, green hills, and beautiful groves, Jacques's idyllic Farm house/chateau is at the foot hill of the medieval town, Cordes Sur Ciel, elected the most beautiful village in the country.


We'll practice yoga twice daily. We will experience sound healing and heart-opening communication with animals (horses), with ourselves, and with each other. We will connect to nature and to silence


We'll nourish our bodies with a fresh, organic products sourced at the farm next door and enjoy a creative vegetarian menu 

. We'll visit local farmer's markets, picturesque rural towns, and vineyards that will be at peak harvest season during our retreat.We will enjoy serene picnic on river banks and We'll also experience culture and art, and visit the historical town-Albi, birth town of artist Toulouse Lutrec.

we will  leave enough time  to enjoy the pool, the surrounding, the sun, the silence and the distance.



We will start most days with a morning practice of meditation, pranayma and soft movement.


Two  Hatha yoga sessions during the day

  •  Yin practice- soft yoga, pranayama and therapy.

  • Yang practice-  more physically challenging,  based on Hatha Sigh Yoga technique, that blends vinyasa with Iyengar influences and  mindfulness.


We will try to keep quiet time each day until after the first yoga class at 11:00.

In addition to yoga practice, there will also be inspiring workshops and lectures with guest experts  of body therapies and eastern philosophies, astrology, healthy French vegetarian cooking, sound healing-sound bath.


5 Minute walk we will find a magical horse sanctuary,  a therapeutic center for horses that cultivates a unique and sensitive method of communication and riding. We will be lucky to meet Geisha, Rambo and others. from personal experience - this is a heart opening and sense heightening encounter. 


30 minutes from La Cabeque will reach  hometown of the great French artist - Toulouse-Lautrec, we will visit the museum named after him where you can find the largest collection of his works, located in the historic city of Albi,  built on the two sides of La Tarn river and beautiful by its  own rights.


minutes drive  from the paradise we will call Home, we will reach the picturesque Cords Sur Ciel - in French - strings over the sky. A medieval town that sometimes looks like it actually hovers over the clouds.


20 minutes away we will visit local farmers markets, magical rural towns, enjoy picnics on the river banks, valleys and lakes.


30  minutes drive we will reach Gaillac wine region. September is the harvest season and we will be able to enjoy the beautiful vineyards,  ripe vines and who will desire, also wine tastings. 

(Approved by high yogic authority).



 South of France, in the province of Tarn-e-Gronn, the region of Occitanie (formerly called Midi-Pyrenees).


La Cabeque, Jacques home, is located in a small town called Vindrac Alayrac, an 8-minute drive from  the famouse mediaval town, Cords Sur Ciel  (strings above the sky). 

1 hour  drive from Toulouse

30 minutes from Albi (the birth town of toulouse lutrec.)

30 minutes from the wine country - Gaillac

3 hours drive from Bordeaux

and to the Mediterranean coast

2 hours to the Pyrenees


The whole area has an ancient and fascinating history that is revealed in the medieval  buildings and architecture,  especially of the Templers and the cathars. They were among the Order of the Crusader warriors, who gained fame at the beginning of the current millennium thanks to the book and film The Da Vinci Code.







About the teacher


Shai is a certified yoga teacher for the last 11 years and and a curious practitioner since 2005.


She teaches mainly  Hatha -Sigh Yoga method - which combines dynamic practice from the Vinyasa family along with long and in-depth poses, seeking precision and exploration of the pose and enhanced awareness, inspired by Iyengar. Together with in depth releasing breath work inspired by rebirthing. 


She trained in India with Vijay Amar, Usha Devi and Sharat.


Shai is also a teacher of Vinyasa Hatha  Yoga, Meditation and Movement improvisation.

She also works in art and Theater,




The retreats in France are a child of the two great passions of Shai, yoga and world travel.

She discovered Jacques’s estate during a journey in the south of France.

Shai fell in love with the place and its serenely, the sense of infinite gentle tranquility vast green spaces, enchanting nature, romantic culture (and let’s face it …the cheeses) .

And they both decided to work together to produce yoga and cultural events in this magical and green gem.




During her travels, she has taught workshops, retreats, studio and private lessons round the world, India, Europe, the United States,the Middle East  several years while she lived  in England and Mexico




Excited to share the fruits of her Yoga journey and all the goodness of the magical la tarn region



The Place

Between evergreen hills, in a beatiful wine country , located

"La Cabèque".

The house was built in 1886 by the great grandfather of the current owner, Jacques, who enjoys hosting visitors from around the world.

The two dwarf donkeys, Cotton and Jafot, are the mascots of the place.

The Maison/chateau where we’ll reside is made of stone, with a classic French wooden floor, six bedrooms, two living rooms, three bathrooms, and a spacious, fully equipped, rustic French style kitchen.

The wide attic floor has been renovated into a  large yoga and meditation space.

Across the courtyard, we’ll find a two storey  converted farm house. In the first floor , a renovated workshop space and above it a luxurious dormitory with new showers and bathrooms attached.

The grounds include an outdoor yoga plaza and a swimming pool overlooking the peaceful landscape, resting area with 360 degree view of the hills , fields,The garden with olive and cypress trees, the oak meadow and the inspiring views of the town of Cords Sur-Ciel..

Each season adds its charm to the place, and this season, when the retreat is planned, we will enjoy a green and floral landscape, ripe vines combined with perfect weather, warm enough to dip in the pool.

The location, on the hill looking over the endless green, and peaceful architecture make this an ideal setting for a retreat, allowing for an opportunity to take a break from the intensity of everyday life and to cultivate more gentle listening to ourselves and nature.

Accomodation options are- shared room for 2 or 3 , fancy dormitory for six, bell tent glamping closer to nature.