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HI, I am Shai, i am a passionate yoga teacher since 2011. 

And a passionate practitioner since 2005.

My nomadic nature and passion to travel combined with my joy of teaching led me to many different corners of the  world to teach yoga, in the form of regular group classes, special retreats and workshops. 

From Mexico to India through England, Europe, US and the middle east. 

My 6 visits to India  washed me with somewhat of a devotional nature that i hope, is well balanced with the light sense of humor i invite in to the class room.


Through the years i have experienced and taught many styles, from Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin yoga, yoga , mindfulness meditation, and yoga with women and  yoga and meditation with kids. 

I found the Hatha- Sigh Yoga technique, which is for me a balanced and enriching combination of vinyasa flow, enhance alignment, mindfulness, and expression. 

I wish you will leave my yoga class feeling high, and centered, with a joyful feeling of body awareness, flow of energy, a clear mind and an expansive sense of freedom from daily life and emotional stress. 

I am so happy to often receive that feedback.

your shiny smiles and lightness  in the end of the sessions are my glowing gift.

My classes

...and style of practice are strongly effected by Iyengar yoga, release contemporary dance technique and mindfulness meditation. 

 I love to lead an intimate practice that meets the students where they are at the moment , slowly expanding space and awareness in a soft and natural way passing through more heated detoxing vinyasa sequences.....blended with  a bit longer paused postures researching  accuracy of alignment, to enhance  body awareness, presence, posture and movement effectiveness.

In the right set up, we openly focus on the benefits and secret effects of the practice on the subtle body, energy system, mind and emotions. 

I teach diffrent level of classes and diffrent intensity, vinya

In yin classes i share some knowledge from my studies of TCM and acupuncture .


I have taught in the past 10 years in different countries and in different languages. for three years in London,  in Mexico (in Spanish) ,India and Nepal, Germany and France (in french!) .I taught  regular classes in studios, private classes , special workshops and retreats.  I also taught for many years in the middle east,  Israel main cities  and Palestinian villages and received the gift to teach several Arabic- Hebrew yoga projects for kids in Jaffa and in Jerusalem. 


I have  trained and practice  Healing and therapy.. Certified Theta healing Basic and advanced DNA , as well as Natural acupuncture In ECAN School of Acupuncture.

I continue to study TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, a complementary path in the journey of exploring body-mind-energy  and well being. 

I have proffesionaly trained in the Arts, film and visual media , dance and theatre...and visual art  i believe this creative background, and study of expression and observation through the arts, also effect my approach to yoga.



My first yoga practice was in 2005 with a friend in the dead sea .

A beginning of a love story...

The romance continued in those citrus orchard (in the photo in the first page)  .. me and the book of 

B.K.S Iyengar Light on Yoga were meeting daily under the orange trees.  

I continued and followed the path with a visit to India in 2010. where i met and practiced with different teachers and masters of yoga and meditation. 


I returned in 2011 to Dharamsalla to practice and train with Vijay Amar, completing my first  YTTC,  Teacher training course, in UNIVERSAL YOGA


I have since revisited India 5 times to deepen my practice , especially with masters of

Iyengar yoga (Usha Devi and Sharat) and Mindfulness meditation (vipassana). 

 I have participated in further Teacher intensives, TTC for children and youth and many meditation  courses /retreats.

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“Shai’s classes were a refreshing take on yoga style I had tried previously: iyengar, hatha and vinyasa. I found her focus on sighing and voicing our feelings a very powerful tool and a particularly effective one at achieving a sense of physical and emotional relief. In a way it pushed me to connect deeper with breathing and body sensations. On a lighter note, I felt that Shai was able to make people feel comfortable with her spontanuous humour and inviting the group to be silly and have fun with their own practice.”


 "Shai’s class was the best one I have had in India so far! Travelling for 3 months now in India, I‘ve realized that Westernized yoga, in terms of anatomy and postures, suited me more than a traditional approach. In light of this, Shai guided us through an intelligent sequence that relaxed and refreshed our bodies. Mindful of her students needs and my neck injury, she was also able to suggest alternative postures. One of my favorite things is when the teacher explains the 3 sounds of Om before chanting it; she opened and closed the practice this way. Shai’s smile, soft voice and welcoming nature makes you feel at ease immediately. Her classes are suited for anyone ready to exhale bad stuff out and inhale the good stuff in;) "



“Shai’s yoga classes are magical and magnificent. She takes her time and brings you to another perception of space and time. to a different world within yourself. those yoga classes are so rare and hard to find,  i feel so pleased to know her. The mix between mindfulness and yoga exercise are very important for me, and Shai is able to create an atmosphere where you can feel peaceful, fulfilled and joyful.”.


I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years so I am very particular about who I practice with. There are two types of people in the yoga world, there are yoga teachers and there are yogis Shai is in the latter category. She has a very deep understanding of the practice and a very intuitive and unique way of teaching



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